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Gridspinoza theme

Theme based up on BootStrap modified for the GridSpinoza website, as part of the Hangarnetwork.

Development / modifications

The repo is cloned inside the servers theme, but from ther we have no writing permissions in the git repository, so the development is always done locally, then pushed to Hangar Git and from the server they are pulled.

In our computer (localhost):

git clone ssh://

Appliying changes in server

Before we did prepare the content by https cloning the repo git clone and changing file permissions to server needs.

Go to the theme directory:

cd /var/www/html/sites/all/themes/gridspinoza

from there checkout the main branch and pull

git checkout main
git pull

checking changes before apply

We can create different branches locally, then push them and in the server preview before applying to main.

For example, need to fix "font-size" some were.

local host

checkout main repo and be up to date

git checkout main
git status
git pull

create new branch and check out

git branch fix/font-size
git checkout fix/font-size

start doing changes and commit and push them to server

in the sever

Pull changes

cd /var/www/html/sites/all/themes/gridspinoza
git fetch --all
git checkout fix/font-size
git pull

now you can refresh the browser and eventually fix more things.

if you like it then do as next:

sever: git checkout main


  • git fetch all to get all changes
  • in the fix/font-size branch do git merge main
  • if ok, then go to main branch git checkout main
  • merge changes git merge fix/font-size
  • publish the changes git push

go to the server, inside the theme directory git fetch --all and then git checkout main and finally git pull

Drupal enable debug mode

This way we can check the html source code and see where the files are generated.

edit /var/www/html/sites/default/services.yml set option debug: true and go into drupal admin configuration -> development -> performance and clear all caches the url is https://MYWEBSITE.COM/admin/config/development/performance

CDN Starterkit

The CDN Starterkit is rather simple to set up. You don't have to do anything until you wish to override the default Drupal Bootstrap base theme settings or provide additional custom CSS.


Read the @link subtheme Sub-theming @endlink parent topic.

Override Styles

Open ./subtheme/css/style.css and modify the file to your liking.

Override Settings

Please refer to the @link subtheme_settings Sub-theme Settings @endlink topic.

Override Templates and Theme Functions

Please refer to the @link registry Theme Registry @endlink topic.