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elementos gráficos aplicables a Hangar mostrados en using the static templates maintenance mode.

Changed claim as 2022.

"Hangar, centre de producció i recerca artística"

instructions as 2022 05 23 by jorge

to use the static page for Hangar:

copy/move the content into the main site directory

  • css-static-template (directory as is)
  • index-template.html
  • index-offline.html

for Hangar case: the page is ready,

for other edit the index-template.html with desidered content


  • rename the original index.html or index.php to index.html.YYYYMMDD or index.php.YYYYMMDD (ex index.html.20200414)
  • rename index-offline.html to index.html

step back / roll back:

  • rename index.html to index-offline.html
  • rename index.html.YYYYMMDD to index.html or index.php.YYYYMMDD to index.php

styles variables and colors

the global variables and colors are

  --color-hangar: rgb(0,0,255);
  --color-hangar-light: rgb(180,180,255);
  --color-body: rgb(20,20,20);
  --color-secondary: rgb(90,90,90) ;
  --color-background: rgb(250,250,250);
  --color-body-invert: rgb(200,200,200);
  --color-background-invert: rgb(10,10,10);
  --color-black: rgb(0,0,0);
  --color-white: rgb(255,255,255);
  --color-grey-dark: rgb(110,110,110);
  --color-grey-light: rgb(230,230,230);
  --color-error: rgb(230,50,50);
  --global-padding: 1rem;
  --global-margin: 1rem;
  --global-border: 0.05rem solid var(--color-grey-light);
  --global-radius: 1rem;
  --font-hangar: Helvetica-Rounded, arial rounded, helvetica, arial, sans-serif;
  --logo-hangar: url('');

they can be calles like this:

  a {
    color: var(--color-hangar);

  a:hover {
    color: var(--color-white);
    background-color: var(--color-hangar);