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A 3D Renderer for Omeka S

3D Renderer is a module for Omeka S that integrates Vue-3d-model. Built using Vue, based on threejs.


This module requires the Omeka-S-module-ArchiveRepertory to be installed.

cd ./modules
unzip main.zip
mv 3d-renderer-omeka-module/ Render3D
rm main.zip

Omeka global settings

Add these to the Allowed media types


Add these to the Allowed file extensions

gltf, glb


  • Create an item and upload a GLTF or GLB 3D image file.
  • Include and other assosiated files (if any) in the same item.

Background image

An equirectangular image can be set as the background image. To activate this feature, add a file to the item called sky-box-image (png o jpg)


The module is released under the MIT License.

The 3D render feature is imported from Vue-3d-model.